Oral health isn’t all about plaque buildup and proper brushing technique — it has a fun side too!

Everything from your mood to your food affects your teeth. That’s why Delta Dental is proud to offer Grin!, a free quarterly e-magazine with fun articles and practical lifestyle tips.

Grin! is here to help you…

  • Discover satisfying recipes sure to please taste buds and teeth.
  • Learn how to strengthen teeth with your dietary choices.
  • Find helpful tips to beautify your smile.
  • Hear directly from dentists about best dental practices and cutting-edge technology you might see at your next appointment.
  • Understand how tooth health impacts overall wellbeing with articles covering everything from mental health to enamel erosion.

Plus, Grin! is free! So, what do you have to lose? Read our latest articles today.

And check out Grin! for Kids, our complementary e-magazine packed with activities, games and science projects designed to keep learning fun.


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